Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hottie goes travelling

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Anonymous said...

"Take Me Home Country Roads
To Place Where I Belong
Over Stepdad's Knee when I'm Pants-Free
To have my arse spanked, fingered and strapped ... all day long"!

I'm sure that is what the boy must be thinking, if not singing loudly, lest evil Stepdad here hears him and inteprets his call as a cry for another leathering ... this time across those very slappable, equally strappable, lovely little leggies (thighs) first, me thinks, me dears!!!

Warmest Greetings and Best Wishes (or should that be warmest arses from many beatings and at least six of the best) to all out there, particularly those who think they are too old to go over Dad's knee in and out of their shorts!

CHRISTOPHER LUKE (aka Clansmanchris), (Stepdad for today), xxxxxx