Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More pics from the film with Tim

Thanks to Terza for these pics; now to guess the film?....


Terza said...

Daniel, I don’t think the story of Tim was ever made into a film.
When on television, the story took 13 weeks to unfold!

The story is essentially as follows:-

At the start, Tim was an ordinary middle-class boy.
Tim had a marvellous smile, and wonderfully infectious laugh.

A strange man known as ‘The Baron’ would have his Mercedes, which I remember had tinted windows, parked where he could watch Tim and his friends playing in the street. The Baron loved to see the carefree banter of this group of boys.
The Baron was so taken with Tim’s smile and laugh, which he longed to have.

Tim found himself wealthy, when he accepted a proposal of the Baron.
So, at the age of 14 years, Tim suddenly found he had plenty of money!

So now Tim could afford proper boy’s clothing.

Tim immediately ordered several suits, and other more casual outfits, but all featuring short trousers (what our American friends would call short pants) as befitting the fashionable rich boy that he had become.

At first, Tim enjoyed his new found wealth; and he bought lots of new clothes.
I especially liked his summer outfits that featured very short shorts! Older readers of this blog will remember that in the 1970s short shorts were the height of fashion for young boys. Even men in their 20s and 30s were to be seen wearing short shorts!

However, after a time, Tim realised that there are some things more precious than money, and regretted the deal he had made with the Baron. He asked the Baron if he would let him out of the deal that he had made with him. The Baron refused to let Tim off the hook.

You see, the Baron was not a very nice person at all! The Baron was both manipulative and dictatorial. He wanted to use Tim’s good looks, and charm, for his own purposes.

So Tim had to try and find a way out of his dilemma. Tim teamed up with a Nun in his search for a way out. (A Nun is a lady who does not have sex at all).

Eventually, Tim found the way to defeat the Baron. Tim then returned to being a happy-go-lucky school boy with a charming grin, and wonderfully infectious laugh.

I have some pictures of Tim that don’t fall into the remit of this blog. I anyone would like to see these pictures, then give me an email address to send them to.
My email address is terza_uk@hotmail.com

Daniel said...

so what was the tv series called?

Terza said...

The story is called ‘THE Legend of Timm Thaler’.
One can buy it on DVD.
There are no sub-titles, so if one can’t understand German, one will not be able to follow the story.
Here is a clip from youtube, with the haunting theme tune.
One can see ‘The Baron’ as well as the beautiful boy ‘Timm Thaler’.
One also gets a glimpse of the Baron’s lair.

Terza said...

Here is a youtube clip showing the 14 year old Timm being measured for his new short trouser business suit:-