Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fit lads play rugby

There's no question that rugby produces some of the fittest lads around, and the kit is to die for. Thanks to Terza for sending these in.


Micky said...

They're certainly much shorter than they used to be.

Our own rugger shorts for school weren't that short either - or at least they weren't when you were a first or second year boy. But if you kept your shorts for another year or so, as was often the case, then the at thirteen/fourteen we certainly did have some pretty short and tight ones in the form!

Ha ha! Just right for some us with our fast-developing sexual interests!

yvan 125 said...

I like the look of these young lads, their healthy and strong legs and thighs, not too hairy and smooth.Their green rugby shorts with a yellow stripe ia really appealing. The young lad in the first picture, carrying the ball, is my favourite. There is something to be optimistic about.

Daniel said...

There is indeed something to be optimistic about :-)