Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sailors in some R & R

Fit men in uniform snoozing, - but hell they look fit. Thanks to Martin for this pic.When I see a pic like this I can't believe how poor the rating is on the poll for formal shorts....I want to click it seventeen times over. Love those thighs.


Micky said...

Nice pic.

Cheeky place to lie down - and how come they all did it at once?

Bit of posing going on here? Surely not!

Dead cute anyway!

Navy Cadet said...

Wow! That is an amazing photo.

Navy Cadet said...

Wow! That is a lovely photo, do you have any more like that. I love navy uniforms.

Phil said...

Love men in uniform, especially when the shorts are as deliciously short as these, and th thighs good to look at.

Daniel said...

Yeah I think they are hot- regrettably that's the only one I have of those guys.